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  • The Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy)

    Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy that is often used with children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism and other mental health conditions. ABA focuses on improving specific behaviors such as social skills, communication, learning aptitudes, hygiene, motor dexterity and domestic capabilities, to name a few. ABA is often used in a variety of settings including homes, clinics, schools and workplaces.

    The National Institutes of Health has stated that ABA is a popular and effective form of treatment used by mental health and educational professionals. By focusing on increasing desired actions and decreasing undesired ones, ABA can be a catalyst for profound change.

    Here are just some of the many benefits of ABA: 

    Improves Independent Living Skills

    The goal of every child is to someday grow up and become self-sufficient and independent. This independence can be a challenge for children on the autism spectrum. ABA allows teachers and parents to teach independent living skills such as dressing, washing, brushing teeth, etc. 

    Empowers Parents and Teachers 

    Therapists who have been trained in ABA can share their knowledge with parents and teachers, empowering them to provide the best care for their students and loved ones. Often, parents and teachers are run ragged, simply trying to get through each day without any “meltdowns” or “disasters.” But ABA provides them with tools and skills to do more than hope for a good day. 

    Increases Life Satisfaction 

    There is no better gift to an autistic child and his or her parents than the ability to truly enjoy life. Because ABA helps parents help their children grow to become capable and independent adults, there is a true sense of life satisfaction. 

    If you would like to work with a therapist who has been trained in ABA, please get in touch with me. I would be happy to work with you and your child or student to empower everyone.