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  • Single on Valentine’s Day? Treat Yourself to Self Care

    Ah, Valentine’s Day – a holiday to celebrate love with the one you love. Well, that sounds great and all if you’re in a relationship – but what about if you’re single? What should you do, spend the entire day moping around eating copious amounts of mini Twix? That’s an option, but a better option is to spend the day practicing copious amounts of self-care.

    Here are some ideas to show yourself how much you love you:


    Start your day right by making sure you rehydrate after a long slumber. Remember, real hydration is as much about replenishing electrolytes as it is getting in water. So be sure to add a little sea salt into your water or sip on some delicious coconut water. Proper hydration is not just about physical health but it also helps keep our mood elevated.

    Take a Personal Day

    This Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, so most of us are going to have to go to work. If you can manage taking a personal day, consider doing it. Self-care is about stopping, relaxing, and reconnecting with ourselves.

    Take Yourself Out on a Date

    Why not go out for a nice meal with yourself. Is there a cute cafe or diner in your town that you love or have been wanting to try? Then why not treat yourself? Just be sure not to pig out on unhealthy food as it may cause you to feel tired, bloated and bad about yourself later on.

    Finish the Day with Some Spa Time

    Wind down the day with a luxurious and lengthy bubble bath. Light some candles and sip a glass of wine while you soak in the tub and think about how much you love yourself and how grateful you are for your awesome life. 

    Who needs a significant other when you’ve got you, babe!


    Self- Care Tips To Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single